• Social media has fast become one of the leading and strongest marketing platforms available. Statistics show that with marketing on social media there is a “100% higher lead-to-close rate” than with any other marketing. It doesn’t matter what product you sell or service you provide, with the help of social media you will definitely get the word spread.


Here is 15 reasons why you should strongly consider social media marketing.

  • Drive Traffic to Your Website

    If you have a new page/product on your website then you would want all your clients and potential clients to know. It is like having a baby, all you want to do is boost about how amazing he/she is and the best way to do is by posting it on social media for all to see. In return louring people back to your website driving more unique traffic to it.

  • Boost the SEO of your business

    By driving traffic to your website you boost the SEO element of it. Generate more unique visits that will help push your website up the rankings with social media is the best possible marketing tool.

  • Build relationships with your clients

    Building an intimate relationship with all your clients is now a possibility. Social media allows your clients to speak directly to you and build up that communication relationship that ensures that they will return again and again.

  • Create a receptive audience

    Social media is a platform for people to connect but also to inform (advertise if you will) people of services/products that you offer however audiences are more likely to be receptive to your ad as they see it a communication to them and not just advertising.

  • Target your desired clientele

    Social Media makes is possible to select and target you desired audience with their sponsored adverts. By choosing who should see your advert you ensure that leads received will most definitely be converted into sales.

  • Get Noticed

    People spend at least 2/3 of their day online or on social media therefore you can be 100% certain that if your various social media profiles are active that they will noticed your product/service that is available.

  • Resolve Problems instantly

    If there is a problem with your product or service you wouldn’t you like to know immediately. 90% of clients run to social media if they experience problems given you the opportunity to address it immediately, showing your great customer service.

  • Build customer loyalty

    Studies have shown that companies with active social media profiles have more loyal customers. Building up a client base is long and lengthy process but by having active social media accounts you are constantly in indirect contact with that client base, building loyalty.

  • Compete with your competitors

    91% of brands are currently advertising on social media. Compete at the same level as your competitors by having various active social media platforms on which your client can speak to you directly.

  • Stay on top of news

    Social Media is the centre point for all news. By getting involved in the news posts on social media that is relevant to your product/service you invite people to have a look at your platforms and generate potential clients

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  • Generate sales

    When people require a certain product or service they search online which includes social media. By being active and visible on various social media platforms you drastically increase the chances of generating new leads/sales for you business.

  • Locate new clientele

    Having profiles on various social media platforms gives you a chance to scroll through the platforms in search of potential clients. Clients post what they are looking for on social media which gives you the opportunity to answer them directly, generating new clients.

  • Let new clientele locate you

    Entering in as much information about your service/product in your social media profiles you make is easier for new clients to locate you. Client search on social media if they require a service/product and by have active profiles they will most certainly have a look at what you have to offer.

  • ROI is irreplaceable

    Making use of social media and all the advertising tools that it provides you will without a doubt generate larger income and grow your client base with makes this a return on investment that is irreplaceable

  • Brand Awareness

    Before buying any product people search online and by have a strong brand presence you ensure that the client will be far more comfortable making use of your product/service