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SEO Pros might be based in Johannesburg, South Africa, but we like pushing all the boundaries. Our company has been on a successful roller coaster ride and we have now expanded our services to include Mauritius.

We like to think we are the best SEO agency in Africa*

Over the years of working in the digital marketing industry, we have helped numerous small, medium and large companies grow their markets and enjoy greater conversions through their websites. As the age of the internet shows no sign of slowing down, every business can benefit in way or another, by having a strong online presence. While not all industries will enjoy the same amount of success with SEO, we’ve seen the vast majority of our clients enjoy great results when using our approach to SEO.

Our Market Dominating Approach

  • Not all SEO companies are the same, and we are certainly the exception to the rule when you compare our dedication and level of service to similar companies. We are upfront and transparent about your results and the manner in which we achieve them. We take great care to practice all of the industry’s best known approaches to SEO, keeping everything well within the Google best practices, while we add our own special touch to your online marketing.
    We also offer in-house web design combined with your SEO and Adwords ( Pay per click strategy ) – click here to view our prices 
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Our Services

Because SEO is our main marketing technique, we’ll start off by breaking down exactly what you can expect.

  1. We begin the process by auditing your website and by having a chat with you about your company and the keywords you’d like to rank for. – view our complete step by step here
  2. We get hands-on with your site. Adding keywords by creating content or using existing content, having a look at the technical aspects of your website and getting stuck into making all of the necessary site adjustments, is a part of the initial approach.
  3. Backlinks form the final, integral part of our traditional SEO strategy. Link building takes time to do and we only build the best quality links.
  4. We are also accredited Google partners. This means that along with offering the best SEO in the country, we are also fully trained to set up and manage all kinds of AdWord campaigns. This pay per click style of online marketing instantly gets you to the first page of Google, but you’ll need to be prepare to do a little spending.

SEO is our speciality and our main service, but we offer so much more than basic Search Engine Optimisation.

To see our full list of services, be sure to check out the rest of our website.


Why Work With Us?

The proof of our success rate can be seen with every client we work with. Our experience and our dedication means that we always have a finger on the pulse of SEO allowing us to always stay up to date will all of the latest industry developments. We are upfront with clients and we keep close contact with them to guarantee that they get the service they expect. Our consistent communication clears up any concerns and ensures that we work on the same page.

If you want your website to become more than just a pretty space on the internet, you need SEO. And you need our SEO, because:

  • We know what makes an SEO strategy unforgettable. With our experience we can create the perfect strategy for your company, to help you bring in more clients and enjoy ongoing online exposure.
  • We have the staff. Anyone can claim to be an SEO professional these days, but we know the true level of knowledge and experience needed to make a success of any campaign. We have a team of experienced, highly trained staff members who professionally manage campaigns.
  • Our links and content are of the highest quality. Links and content are the backbone of SEO. We take the time to build links and to create the kind of content that will reflect your business correctly.
  • Finally, we are ready and able to correct various SEO and website related issues. We can identify any problems and then jump in and fix them before they cause irreparable damage to your website or your reputation.
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SEO is our speciality and our main service, but we offer so much more than basic Search Engine Optimisation.

National SEO

Our Best Selling SEO Package
$550 per month

Dominate your Industry Online - Surpass your Competition Today

  • How much money do you spend to acquire a lead or sale

After a decade in the industry, we have established certain techniques that work wonders but which are not yet known nor used by our competitors.

Our approach can best be described as holistic. We bring all of the aspects of SEO together and we combine it with Website Design, Graphic Design, Pay Per Click AdWords, Copywriting, and so much more.


We are an all in one kind of online marketing agency, and we aim to provide exactly what our clients need. As a result of our services, there are few companies that can be compared to ours.


SEO Mauritius from Only $550 per month

  • While to some it is an ambitious step forward, our SEO in Mauritius has already helped businesses begin the process of growing their profit margins. As we found more clients wanting SEO in Mauritius but not having the resources near at hand, we decided to expand our continuously growing business to include this bustling island nation.
  • For many small companies, marketing is put on the back burner. It can be a great expense and something that new companies cannot always afford. But how can you grow your company without having some form of marketing?
  • SEO for companies of all sizes is a natural fit. With this style of marketing, you can increase your exposure through one of the most popular means and you’ll find that although it is a month to month process, it is really affordable!
  • SEO also has that evergreen appeal. Unlike radio and print advertising, which is only heard or seen once or twice, before it is forgotten, SEO has a long lifespan. When done correctly, using Search Engine Optimisation in Mauritius can give your company prolonged exposure, allowing people to instantly find you when searching for your products or services online.

As we have helped countless South African based companies, as well as companies based in the UK, USA, Canada, Dubai and Australia to improve their online presence, and we are confident that we can assist your company as well.

Seo in Mauritius just went to a whole new level