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Being easy to find on Google is imperative in the Information Age.

3 Facts that Every Business Owner must know about SEO.

  •  93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine like Google. Is your website easy to find?
  •  75% of users do not go to the 2nd page of Google. If your site is on the second page, you are missing out!
  • SEO remains the best online marketing tool to convert leads to sales.

Now that we have your attention...

Let’s dive into a more detailed explanation about how you can reach new levels of success with SEO.

SEO consists of those online marketing techniques that help to get a website ranking in the top positions of a search engine. 

Our most asked question is: “How will you get us ranking and how long will it take to get my business on the first page of Google in Johannesburg?”

While we CAN tell you HOW we’ll be ranking your website; we can’t give you an exact date of how long the ranking will take. This is simply because some businesses take longer than others to rank, depending on your industry. This is why each strategy is designed to be unique to your business. A strategy is not just about getting your site to rank but it is also about how your business will enjoy growth from your online campaign.

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We work only with the support of accurate, live data. There are quite a few factors and metrics such as keyword difficulty, competition, quality of content, domain age, competitor backlinks profile, and more, that needs to be researched before one can give an estimation on when you will start ranking on the 1st page of Google.

Amazing Search Stat

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To make our campaigns effective, we utilize some of the world’s best SEO and analytical tools to analyze raw data and give you a clear strategy towards a better online presence and a stronger Google ranking.

SEO is a skill mastered by only a few agencies in South Africa. It takes a seriously dedicated team to understand the technicalities while being creative enough to adapt to how the search engine’s inner systems and algorithms work. SEO is not just about pleasing a search engine, it is also about making a website user-friendly by turning it into something people want to spend their time on.

Staying up to date with the latest marketing trends, algorithm changes are the most important aspect of staying relevant in an ever-changing online environment. Staying at the forefront of online marketing has made SEOPros the most strategic SEO firm in Johannesburg. Everything we do is based on data, making sure that our strategies are based on metrics and dimensions.

How did we become one of the best SEO Companies in Johannesburg, South Africa?

We get it, you want your business to be found on the 1st page of Google, but realistically, clients need to understand SEO and be aware of the various processes as there are some 220 SEO factors that need to be adhered to when you are aiming for the top!

For some industries, SEO takes time. It’s a daily process that requires our team to test various methods and then implement successfully proven techniques into clients’ campaign to ensure that you are always one step ahead of your competition.

This is what we do best:

  •  Strategize
  •  Plan
  •  Execute our strategy
  •  Adjust to online market changes
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  • Again, we do not sell overnight success stories SEO is not an overnight process, it is a long-term investment by a business to position their brand in the best possible positions on the web, especially Google Search.
  • As the world continues to move online, businesses without a solid presence on search engines will be left to catch up to their competition.
  • We ask our clients to search for their preferred industry keywords on Google themselves. When they do not find themselves on the 1st page of Google, they realize for the 1st time that their competition is ranking on the top spots and taking all the leads.
  • Is is at this point that they realize that they need a professional SEO company to look after their web presence.  This is where we step in and take the lead. We enter into a partnership with you and each month we work on your online marketing, presenting you with results, month after month.
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Our Lead Generating Formula

Conversion is our primary metric, SEO without conversions is just traffic.


Why Choose Us?

  • Our 1st focus is based on your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) – We are a goal driven SEO firm. Before we initiate any SEO strategy on your campaign we map out exactly what you expect from us and what your ideal ROI is on your marketing spent with us.
  • We work out what your average approximate cost per lead will be so that you can forecast exactly where our SEO service will take your business.
  • Understanding our clients’ needs is the cornerstone of marketing success. We decipher your main competition (your industry trendsetters) to make sure we understand exactly who we need to surpass in the industry on your behalf.
  • We don’t like losing to your competition, we take great pride in what we do. We have aptly been nicknamed “CASEO” – Crazy Advanced SEO’s! We will adopt that nickname with grace as we become your strongest ally on the internet.
  • If you are looking for the most dedicated professional SEO agency in Johannesburg, then SEOPros is your only choice. Many of our current clients consider us the best SEO company in Johannesburg today, after they have experienced amazing business growth once allocating their marketing budget to an online marketing agency such as SEOPros.