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  • With more than 100 million apps in the app store – let us help you get found.

    The app stores are flooded daily with new apps every single day, for your app to stand out of the crowd you need Mobile APP SEO. APP SEO is one of the online marketing fields not many marketing companies tend to target due to its complexity and holistic approaches needed to get a good ranking for your app in the App store.

    We have assisted some of the biggest app developers in South Africa and the Middle East to help their clients get found and be successful in the App Sphere.

What is APP Store SEO a.k.a App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Mobile APP SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process to optimise your app based on key factors to get you app ranking higher in the app store which in turns means more downloads of your app.

Key factors we target when you sign up for our APP STORE Optimisation package is:

  • Number of positive reviewsof your app.
  • Rating of current updated app in the app store.
  • Appropriate description (keyword-based) for seo purposes
  • Appropriate title (keyword-based) for seo purposes.
  • App retention rate – Do people use you app after downloading it.
  • Video and images – Visuals leave a good impression to download an app.
  • Social proof– how many people are sharing your app.
  • Recent updates on the app.
  • App starts after downloading.
  • Country of the app.
  • Quality and amount of Backlinks

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